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My name is Grace, which is the perfect  name for me, not because I am graceful (irony there!) nor because I am full of it, but because it is what you say before food.  As apt as it is amusing, the top Google search words which directed to this blog were “Grace well-fed and free range.”  :-0

I was born a country girl but now live in NYC on the famous/infamous Upper East Side.  My editors (a.k.a. Mom and Nivi) reject the word spinster, so we’ll just say I am content to borrow other people’s children for my better posts, though I am not entirely opposed to a fairy tale ending.

I am a practicing Catholic, with an emphasis on the practicing. Among my aspirations is to become the patron saint of people looking for a bathroom.  I’ve got the patron part down– lots of practice.  The saint part?  Pending.

I love to travel chasing beauty; I have been to more than 25 countries on 5 continents and have pictures of desserts from each on my phone.  (Stay tuned for a GoFundMe account for Antarctica 2017 ;-))  I’m definitely a big fan of Mother Nature, though she and I have our moments.

I like my chocolate dark, my coffee light and frequent.  I was going to say the latter about my writing as well, but who are we kidding on the frequent thing…

Meanwhile feel free to drop me a line at gracefedandfreerange @ gmail.com.


gelato in amalfi



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