Whine and Cheese for Election Day

Every Friday, Jennifer Fulwiler hosts “7 Quick Takes Friday.” It’s a linkup for those who want to post, but who either don’t have enough to say to make a real post, or are perhaps too lazy to develop a real post. Today is not Friday, but it feels like it (see #s 4 and 5) and since I am both short on material and long on sloth, I present to you my Tuesday Quick Takes.


Today being Election Day, I did my civic duty and stood on line to cancel out my neighbor’s vote.  Doing so I was reminded how as children we interpreted “duty” as “doody” and laughed hysterically while holding our noses. I have pretty much the same sentiments about voting today.


Last year when I voted, as I signed in I was greeted with the following:

Poll-Worker #1:  Wow, I never heard of the Blank party before.

Poll-Worker #2:  It means she’s independent.

Poll-Worker #1:  No, it doesn’t say Independent Party.  It says “BLANK.”

Me: ???


Three quotes come to mind when I think about Election Day:

a. “Politicians are like diapers—they should be changed often and for the same reasons.”—Mark Twain

b. “It is the triumph of hope over experience.”—Samuel Johnson said this about marriage, but it’s applicable here (especially given how up close and personal Big Brother gets these days.  Being the classy person that I am, I will refrain from remarks about the government performing the should-be-marital act on its constituents).

c. “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” —H L Mencken. We know that he was taking about the Kardashians, but it likewise applies here.


As implied in #2, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.  That being said, I will gladly sell my soul vote to whoever commits to abolishing the changing of clocks for DST.  Seriously, I loathe the changing of clocks.   I know that the term “loathe” should be reserved for abominations such as fake candles in church and bubble wrap that doesn’t pop, but even that word does not do justice to how much I do not love this practice.

In theory I should be grateful for the chance to experience jet lag without the expense of an international flight.  Or to suddenly see a gleaming moon on my way home from work where the sun was just the day before. I should count myself lucky that I don’t have a car, since there are more car accidents the week following Spring Forward than any other week of the year.   But I am a “glass is ¾ empty” kind of girl; Puddleglum, not Pollyanna.   Not sorry, Charlie.

In fairness, I do like the increased light that DST offers—I would happily keep that all year round.  Just stop with the fickleness.  Let’s spring forward one last time, preferably on a Friday at 4:00 p.m., and be done with it.


I have yet to see a meme that captures my disdain for clock theatrics, but this video gets close:


Okay, I lied.  There are only six.  But come on, it’s Election Day.  Did you really expect me to tell the truth? :-)



Featured image art by Heidi Young Paris 2006 .  Used with permission.


2 thoughts on “Whine and Cheese for Election Day

  1. Wow. I never knew you were so bothered by Daylight Savings! I just know that every year we show up to Mass and wonder why the Mass is almost over. Then we realize it was the previous Mass and that we are an hour early for our expected Mass. Daylight savings is a funny thing. I never knew we had a choice in the matter! :)

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